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MONDAY, 03 FEBRUARY 2014 18:30

Moving up

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Douglas Stoves Douglas Stoves Magaly Rosales/Collegian

Stoves appointed as the new dean of students

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Douglas Stoves, former assistant dean of Residential Life and Auxiliary Programs, has been promoted to the dean of students position.

 “The transition has been good so far,” said Stoves, who began his new duties on Jan. 1. “I am learning some new elements for me involved in the position, as far as having this level of responsibility.”

As dean of students, Stoves expects students to try their best in their education and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the university. 

“I want students to feel empowered,” he said. “This is their education. This is not something we are doing to them. This is something students are coming to us to take advantage of and I want to help them to take full advantage of anything that is available to them while they are students here.”   

Asked what his goals are as dean of students, Stoves replied: “The goal for me is to make sure that the students’ experience is everything they want it to be for themselves.”

He plans on achieving this by helping students access services they might need and by creating engagement opportunities while they are on campus.

“I want to do everything I can. Starting from orientation, from … when they are first getting on campus to all the way to when they walk across the stage. I want to make sure we are providing all those opportunities for students to make that experience all they want it to be.”  

UT-Brownsville Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Alan Artibise said there were four other candidates for the position. The application process involved making a presentation of a project they would like to undertake at the university.    

“All four candidates prepared a presentation and made it before the search committee,” Artibise said. “What the search committee told me was that Douglas Stoves did the best job in terms of conceptualizing a project and reporting it to the committee. They were very impressed.”      

Asked what he expects from the dean of students, Artibise replied: “The main role is to provide a voice for students in the work that we do in the university. In general, to have a person who is responsible for doing just that.”

As dean of students, Stoves is responsible for various departments in the Division of Student Affairs: Residential Life, Student Engagement, Student Media, Career Services, Intramurals and two TRIO federal grant programs--Student Support Services Program/A Support Program in Reaching Excellence, also known as SSSP/ASPIRE,  and the College Assistance Migrant Program. 

“One of the main responsibilities has to do with making sure that we are maintaining a good learning atmosphere for all students while they are here,” Stoves said. “Whether that be disciplinary issues, or issues that are dealing with disabilities services, trying to make sure we have access to all students to our programs. So, my focus truly is the students and the students’ experience while they are here at UT-Brownsville.”

Stoves said the position of director of Residential Life has not been advertised yet, but for the time being Stephen Cisneros, a student development specialist for the office of Student Engagement, and Debra Perez, assistant director of House and Operations, will assist him with the department.

“They are some folks that I have entrusted to take care of some of the day to day, as this transition process is taking place,” he said.   


Magaly Rosales

Editora de Español

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